Box of Vintage Lucite Beads Closeout Destash Deal

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The Full Box LOT

We are selling off some vintage show stock here to make room for other exciting things to come.  This is an opportunity like no other deal we have offered before. Some of you may have seen our strands of vintage Lucite beads that were offered at shows in the past. We are selling off theseLlucite show beads that are left in boxed lots.  You will get a regional A priority mail box that is full to the brim with these fabulous beads that came out of the vintage bead hoard. We have weighed a box full and it was 7 lbs of Lucite beads.  These beads would retail at $700 if sold at a show.  We are selling boxes full of these show beads for $295 per box including the cost of U.S. priority mail shipping so that's a steal of a deal. Sorry, but international shipping would be an extra.  The images for this item are meant to give you a representation of what you could get.  All the boxes are contain about 80% of the same mix of strands and then each has some other one of a kind strands. We are stuffing these boxes I tell you. They are being sold as is. These boxes are being sold in a first come first served fashion. We have 6 boxes up for grabs today. Get yours.                     

This box is being sold as is. It's a bulk volume discount deal so it's not something that would be returnable.