Leaf Beads

ewelry making is a rewarding hobby for people who enjoy the idea of creating their accessories. Since the cost of designer jewelry continues to rise, the concept of do-it-yourself is widely accepted nowadays. While the idea of creating jewelry allows you to save money, this fun activity also flexes your creative muscles.

If you are new to jewelry crafting, leaf beads are among the more popular and less expensive items to use on your jewelry.     

Glass leaf beads are great additions to any jewelry project. Since their introduction to the world of jewelry crafting, beads have been the choice item for people from all walks of life. Wearing beads improve the overall look of an individual. Like most jewelry, leaf beads fit perfectly to almost all type of fashion.

If you love to use an image of Mother Nature in your design, A Grain of Sand offer a great selection of glass leaf beads of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Check out our inventory and select from our inventory the best glass leaf bead for your accessory.

Glass leaf beads make a great addition to jewelry projects.  In years past, glass leaf beads were used to bring that bit nature into jewelry designs. That's why we love working with these leaf shaped beads her at A grain of Sand. We have a nice selection of different sizes, shapes and colors for you. Find that perfect glass leaf bead for your next beading project.