Sunstone Beads

With its bright and glittery appearance, the sunstone is the perfect protective stone against the toxicity and negativity of our world. Believed to carry the energy of the sun god Ra, the sunstone is a true reflection of the qualities of light.

The color of the sunstone ranges from yellow to orange. The size of the copper platelets within the precious stone determines the color of the sunstone. While most of the stones are yellow to orange in color, there are exceptional sunstone gemstones in deep green and blue colors.

As an abundance stone, it brings creativity and independence and opens up one's abilities and skills. The precious stone is a perfect "good luck" gemstone for competitive individuals. If you're into competitions, then this is the ideal stone for you.

The sunstone is an all-around chakra cleanser and important addition to healing grids. Healing practitioners use the gemstone to clear and activate all energy paths for maximum healing benefits. The stone also aids and improves the abilities of other stones.

For someone who lacks enjoyment in their life, the sunstone helps improve one's well-being. If you're looking for a stone that will increase vitality, fitness, and the feeling of being alive and enthusiastic, then look no further as the sunstone is what you're looking for. The sunstone is also used as a source of strength for people who are dependent on others.

Jewelry collectors will enjoy the lovely beads made from high-quality transparent to translucent feldspar. Although they are not popular until recently, sunstone jewelry continues to become a favorite among jewelry collectors locally and around the world.

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