Rose Quartz Beads

When magma is pushed towards the crust of the earth and mixes with other minerals, rose quartz and other precious stones are formed. The rose quartz is a renowned gemstone used in love rituals, ceremonies, and traditions throughout history. It is often considered as the stone of the hopeless romantics or people who are miserable at love. According to myth, the gift of love was given by the Roman god, Cupid or the Greek God, Eros to humans in the form of the rose quartz.

Rose quartz is used in the form of beads either as jewelry or talisman. Healing practitioners use the gemstone to facilitate unconditional love in an individual's life. The rose quartz is a powerful stone that helps and encourages one to forgive, understand, and improve wisdom. If you're looking for a gemstone that will help you remove the negativity in your life, then the rose quartz can help you restore trust, confidence, and love in your life.

Also known as the love stone, it inspires the love of beauty, nature, one's self and other people, and the love for other things in life. The stone inspires the nurturing of the self, especially those who've lost their mothers. The rose quartz is a gemstone that aids in bonding and encourages good health during pregnancy.

If you don't like to take sleeping pills, the rose quartz is a powerful sleep crystal for children and adults. Unlike over-the-counter medication, there's no overdose with this type of sleep crystal. You can enjoy your sleep with a peace of mind knowing your health is uncompromised.

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