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Mookite is a member of the Jasper family with breathtaking colors and patterns. The color of the gorgeous gemstone ranges from deep red to purple. The Mookite is an Australian Jasper gemstone famous for its healing properties and other uses as a crystal. Although it is common in Australia, the Mookite is a lovely stone and a popular one among local jewelry and gemstone collectors around the world.

The crystal is used by healing practitioners for its ability to increase the life force within the physical body. The powerful healing stone provides stability to the wearer's perspective and judgment of life. The energy of the precious stone is also a reflection of the gentle patterns of the earth. It is an excellent stone of choice for beginners because of its calming properties. For healing practitioners, the biggest challenge is to keep the mind calm and less active.

Mookite beads are worn to encourage the slowing down of an individual's aging process. The gemstone reminds the individual that the spirit is eternal and changes one's internal beliefs regarding the process of aging.

The healing crystal also assists women during pregnancy. The Mookite stone encourages healthy development of the fetus. It also calms down the wearer which is good when you are pregnant.

As jewelry, the Mookaite makes beautiful accessories either as bracelet beads or necklace beads. With its gorgeous patterns and colors, a bracelet or necklace bead of the gemstone adds style to the overall appearance of the wearer. The stunning patterns in the crystals are somehow similar to oil paintings in aesthetic. Its unique appearance makes it a popular choice among jewelry collectors and healing practitioners.

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