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The Jade gemstone is a symbol of purity and serenity. The precious stone is an ornamental mineral mainly found in ancient Asian arts. With its green color varieties, it makes a great addition to jewelry designs, ancient artifact and art pieces.

Today, the Jade is famous among jewelry collectors, crafters, and healing practitioners. Back in the old days, the mineral is a durable material used as tools, sculptures, weapons, ornaments, jewelry, gemstones, and other objects. Considered as an imperial stone in ancient China, the Jade is a favorite for its beauty and protective powers. For collectors and crafters, the green stone produces beautiful pieces of jewelry worn since the ancient times. Ancient kings, queens, and nobles wore Jade jewelry because of the stone's natural beauty and luster. The precious stone is now a popular choice among many jewelry collectors because it perfectly fits most attire.

The Jade may be enhanced or "stabilized" and is often referred to as grades by jewelry merchants. There are three methods of enhancement to bring out the best features of the jewel. The pure forms of the jewel are nephrite and jadeite. Hand-made jade ornamentals are precious decorations and jewelry. When polished, the colorful, durable mineral cut into different shapes make great pieces of jewelry.

As a gemstone, the Jade is a favorite good luck charm for most people. They are known for manifesting prosperity and good luck. Since they are known as powerful stones that bring good luck to the wearer, people wear them to protect themselves from evil and danger.

Protect yourself from bad luck with high-quality, bright-colored Jade beads and focal beads from our inventory. We sell premium jewels selected by our team of experts. Whether it's a pendant or bracelet beads, we offer real Jade to help you attract good fortune.


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