Flower Beads

Glass flower beads make great decorations because of their intricate detail. Each one is a piece of artwork that displays the particular skills of the artisan who made it.  So, whether you're a beginner or a professional jewelry crafter, the glass flower beads are perfect choices for your next jewelry design project.

Making beads from a glass flower is not difficult. With the right materials, you can create elegant jewelry that will fit any types of attire.  Working with high-quality items can make the task a lot easier and faster.

Glass flower beads offer attractive designs with their beautiful colors and detailed appearances. Stringing the beads require a little more patience due to the smaller holes in some of the beads. These gorgeous beads are perfect materials for bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

With A Grain of Sand, you can work with high-quality glass flower beads for your beautiful jewelry designs. These beads are high-quality materials that won't easily break. Browse our selection of glass flower beads with different colors, plans, and sizes for your next jewelry project. 

You will find a nice selection of all sorts of flower bead and flower findings.  We know you will enjoy our glass flower beads, metal flower beads, Lucite flower beads and plastic flower beads too.  We have a nice selection of Vintage flower beads as well.  Daisy Lochrosen sew on flower beads are also available. Enjoy this selection of fabulous flower beads.