Tips & Techniques

Why Buy Beads on the Hank instead of in Tubes?

Why should you buy beads prestrung in hanks when you can pay less for loose beads in tubes? Well there is a very good reason. Beads that are prestrung make beading projects easier and faster in most cases. When you have them prestrung, all you need do is feed your needle through the prestrung stand and then tip your needle to take off the amount of seed beads you need. Once you have what you need off the hank, simply tie off the strand and put it away until the next project. So, next time you buy beads on a hank, don’t take them off the strings to put them in tubes. . . . You will save yourself alot of time buy just putting them away by the hank!



The Lariat Necklace Design to the right was made with vintage seed beads pre-strung on a hank. The design had lots of seed beads so thank goodness I could use this simple transferring of the beads technique to string this piece. The Vintage Sequin Button Ball beads made a fun finish. . . . Don’t you think? Want to buy seed beads in hanks? AGOS has 11/0 Charlotte seed beads available in the Glass Beads Section, as well as Vintage Seed Bead Hanks in the Vintage Bead Section.